Top Five Things Job Seekers Should Do

Top Five Things Job Seekers Should Do


The advice for job seekers has grown exponentially due to the economic recession and so many people who’ve been laid off within the past two to three years.  Here are several things job seekers should look into doing as it will help them to increase their chances of finding their next job.

1.       Submit your resume directly to the companies that you’re interested in working for through their public email address, postal mail, their website, or drop it off in person.

2.      Network as much as you can through LinkedIn as it provides the job seeker access to former coworkers who may have relevant and helpful information and contacts. For recent college graduates need to network with their alumni network through LinkedIn or their university. Many alums are available to help out fellow graduates.

3.      Send your resume to recruiters or hiring managers who work in the companies that are within your target prospective employers.  Use LinkedIn to do this and research interesting specific positions that have captured your attention. 

4.      Join several LinkedIn groups that are relevant in your career. LinkedIn has a Groups Search Engine feature to make searching simpler.  Use and participate the Discussion and Job boards to network with other group members. 

5.      Post your resume everywhere such as CareerBuilder, Monster, Craigslist, HotJobs, Dice, Indeed, SimplyHired, Linkup and more. This will give you the much needed exposure for your resume and your search for job openings.  For your preference your resume can be posted confidentially on these sites too.  Posting your resumes gets your information out and available to target audiences such as hiring managers and recruiters.