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How to Increase Your Brainpower


Your brain is very important and it needs exercise just as if it is a muscle.  In this society we are busy, and are deeply involved in technology such as excessive use of cell phones, computers, games, television, electronics and so much more. Using our brains in the right way will help to increase your skill levels making you a better thinker, increase your power to focus too. Keep in mind that not using your brain will affect your ability to think and learn bringing on deterioration and slower reactions.  All of these things will help you to become more articulate in the job market.  You will be able to communicate effectively with others and more.

1.       Exercise – Exercising helps the body in its entirety as it increases overall productivity.  Exercise helps to clear the brain and creates natural energy in the body.  After exercising you will feel energized and able to concentrate better.  A sample of the exercises you can try out include aerobic training, lifting weights, and yoga.  Yoga is perfect for reducing stress and clearing the mind. 

2.      Cut down on the amount of television – Cutting down on the amount of time you watch TV will help to increase your mental capacity. 

3.      Read books that will challenge you – While reading a popular science fiction or suspense fiction will be exciting and it will mildly stimulate your brain however choose books that will improve your thinking and writing abilities as they will make you focus on the what you’re reading.  Reading classic novels are perfect books to read.  Look up words you don’t know and don’t be afraid of passages you don’t understand.  Take the time out to reread them, and think about what the meaning of the dense passages.  

All of these tips will help with increasing your thinking ability, analytical abilities and finally the ability to focus.  It will help you to challenge you and in the process will excite your life personally and professionally.