January 2011

Fresno, California Employment Outlook

Volunteering could bridge the gap between jobs.

With unemployment at 16.9% in November 2010 (the last month with hard figures), the job market in Fresno, California is showing signs of a steady - and scary - decline. This kind of news and those statistics are enough to scare people who are currently, comfortably, employed - but the real fear can be found on the faces of those who have been without work - some for months (or years) who have lost hope.

If you are unemployed in Fresno I can understand how you might feel a little frustrated with the way things are, but you can't give up hope. You have to keep applying and fighting for a job with all of your might every single day. Going back to school, looking for work at nearby cities, and networking are also very important because you never know what might pop up.