October 2011

Job Growth and Federal Economic Program

"Fresno was awarded a $400,000 EPA community assessment grant"

It is good to see these government agencies are pushing forward to build various government agencies and increase employment to the Fresno area.  The city of Fresno recently announced over the summer (July 2011) that they will launch a new pilot initiative using taxpayer dollars with the focus on strengthening local capacity to spark the economic growth in the city. This initiative was a combined effort with Obama administration officials and Mayor Ashley Swearengin this strengthening is suppose to help spark economic growth through six other cities all across country.  Several of the cities chosen for the initiative include Cleveland, Memphis, Tennessee, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, and Chester, Penn.  They want to work with community organizations, government agencies, businesses, and other institutions to build up the economy growth.

Community solutions teams consist of five full-time and five part-time federal employees who are from several different agencies. These employees will work with several city officials in the Fresno area.  They plan to expand and attract industrial businesses, improving the transportation infrastructure, revive the downtown and neighborhood areas and improve adult educational programs.