December 2011

Top 4 Jobs for People Who Love to Talk

Teaching, Entrepreneur, Fitness instructor, and Marketing

There are a variety of jobs out there for all types of people.  These jobs will have a better fit for their personality.  People who enjoy talking are a better fit in jobs that allow for them to talk and be constantly engaged in conversation with others.  The social aspect helps them to build strong relationships and continuously network.  These types of social careers with make them more successful as it brings out their natural talents.  Here are several fields to take a further look into and consider changing careers to fit your personality and professional needs.

Top Five Twitter People to Follow While Searching for Jobs

Twitter is one of the top social media resources to use for searching for jobs.  Twitter has well over 600 million visitors to their site every month so there are many opportunities to connect with companies who are hiring.  There are also many Twitter users who offer correct and updated career advice resources. There are a number of users to follow however here are several (in no particular order) to add to your follow list:

How to Find a Telecommute Job

A list of several of the places to find telecommuting/tele-work jobs.

Many job seekers and those who are currently employed wonder about ways to cut down commuting back and forth to a job.  Gas prices are very high and the cost of commuting, dealing with traffic jams and paying for parking fees.  Being able to commute to a job several times a week instead of daily can easily ease stress and reduce the amount of time of their commute.  Finding this type of job allowing for an employee to telecommute and not have to come into work daily is a bit difficult to find however these types of jobs are available but it takes time and effort to find them.