January 2012

Top 6 Tips to Finding the Right Career

Many students have an idea of what they would like to be in the future however; it has become common knowledge that most don't have a clue of what the job profile is about and what's needed.  For instance, an engineer doesn't always build bridges or an architect doesn't always design great buildings as they need to complete some boring jobs on a daily basis that doesn't have anything to do with the job itself. or things they had learned in college. It's easy for many college students and graduates to get involved in the wrong jobs.  

How to Advance in Your Career

We are past fifteen days into the New Year however it's not too late to create New Year’s resolutions such as obtaining a new job or helping to improve one's career.  Potential employees need to make sure they stand out and prove their full worth.  Although there are jobs very slowly growing the economy there is still a heavy demand for more jobs.  Job hunting is a job within itself and it's important to put all of your effort all into the entire hunt. Two top ways to jump start one's career:

How to Increase Your Brainpower


Your brain is very important and it needs exercise just as if it is a muscle.  In this society we are busy, and are deeply involved in technology such as excessive use of cell phones, computers, games, television, electronics and so much more. Using our brains in the right way will help to increase your skill levels making you a better thinker, increase your power to focus too. Keep in mind that not using your brain will affect your ability to think and learn bringing on deterioration and slower reactions.  All of these things will help you to become more articulate in the job market.  You will be able to communicate effectively with others and more.

Fastest Growing and Declining Jobs


There has been a huge mass of growing occupations over the last several years. These careers will continue to grow and have been projected growth through the year 2018.  With this current economic turndown there have been many out of work individuals who are considering changing careers and trying a different type of career within the same industry.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has a projection list of the 30 fastest growing careers.