February 2012

Best Places to Find Career Opportunities

After deciding the best career or type of work you would like to go after and you’re updated on your job hunting tools then the next step is to starting to explore the job market further.  Look at the types of industries or organizations that will provide the best the opportunities.

Search through career information as this would provide much needed information such the type of work involved, requirements, what and where the entry level jobs are, and how to get hired for the job. 

Take a look at the organization information too as this would provide the type of service or product they offer, the divisions of the company, type of training available, type of job candidates they are current seeking, overall employee satisfaction and turnover, and what is the organizations advancement policies.

How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful social networking site for businesses and individuals who desire to connect with others.  This online network allows people to create profiles that allow for individuals and businesses to come together and communicate through sharing common interests with each other.  LinkedIn helps to increase your exposure by appearing at the top of the LinkedIn search results which is very helpful if you happen to be one of the over 52,000 product managers on the site.