March 2012

Top Websites to View Information about Companies

Tired of searching the web with unreliable information? In this article, I will discuss to you the 7 websites that will help your career with company information.

· This website is considered as one of the preeminent career websites, however, you need to be a member to access this site with basic membership fee. The membership fee gives you the chance to view information of the company and job overviews as well as the access to discussions, newsletters and job listings.

·         Ping My Company- This website gives you an idea of the companies that are doing well. The benefits of this website are you don't need to get registered and you can contribute to company's feedback anonymously.

·         Rateyourjob-Rateyourboss- This website does not require users to log-in however, they can browse or read comments on a few jobs and bosses.

·         JobBite- This website offers information concerning the salary rating of each company. You can use the search bar or the alphabetical listing in diving into the index of companies.

Job Search Errors Job Applicants Make

There are times when we commit mistakes when we are applying for a job. Maybe it is because we are too desperate to have a job or we’re not just simply using our heads to analyze the information that we gather. These things are normal and can be avoided while job searching. The errors that can answer the concerns:  If we can answer this question we can surely avoid mistakes or simply commit new errors. Well, it is better to commit new mistakes that repeating old mistakes. Because if we commit the same mistakes it means that we’re not learning. The first errors in job searching are not keeping all of your options open.

Tips to Increase Appreciation at Work

When you’re busy at work it’s important to receive continuous appreciation as it will help you to enjoy what you are doing. You will have more life when someone appreciates your work. Your work load will be easily. Even if you have a hectic schedule everything will run so smooth. Your work will become your hobbies and your office will become your playground. You cannot feel that you are really working because you obviously enjoy what you are doing. How can we appreciate or increase the appreciation at work?

The first thing that you have to do is to take the environment into account.  When your employer has been experiencing unwanted cases such as unstable financial status it’s important to help the company by conducting a research study.  This will create a strong presentation providing the best solutions to their problems.