December 2018

Nuclear Reactors 638 - Moscow Institute Of Physics and Technology Is Developing A New Coating For Zirconium Alloy Fuel Assemblies

        There are four hundred and forty eight operating commercial nuclear power reactors in the world today. Fifty more reactors are under construction. Most of these reactors are water-cooled and water-moderated. The fuel elements in these reactors are mostly zirconium alloys. These alloys are stable and effective up to a temperature of six hundred and sixty-two degrees Fahrenheit.

Radioactive Waste 370 - The Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project At The Idaho National Laboratory Is Being Shut Down

       The Hanford Nuclear Reservation was established in 1943 in south central Washington State. The plutonium that was used in World War II to bomb Nagasaki, Japan was produced at the Reservation. During the Cold War, most of the plutonium for the sixty thousand nuclear warheads in the U.S.

SpaceX Dragon Supply Capsules Are Contaminating The Outside Of The International Space Station



SpaceX Dragon Supply Capsule

      Potential contamination carried by space vehicles is a major concern to the public and private space industry. Satellites and space craft components are manufactured in clear rooms to prevent the possibility of biological contamination of astronomical bodies. However, recently a new type of contamination was discovered.

Will my kids and I ever see you?

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Dearest President Obama,

It’s always been one dream since you we running for election and also since you have served two terms. My kids and I always wished how can we see the happy and confident president. My kids know so much about you. We have kids age 7,9,and 11. My nson names a limousine that I had brought back for him from DC Obsmasine- he’s now 7. We hope someday we get to meet you and our First Lady and of your family. Wish you a Merry Christmas and s happy New Year!


Cicelia Beirne and Family

Nuclear Reactors 637 - Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station Is Not Reliable Base-Load Power

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Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station

       One of the things that supporters of nuclear power always bring up is the fact that nuclear power plants are base-load power. This means that the plants are always running and producing power as opposed to solar and wind installation which are intermittent. Having base-load power sources on the electrical grid to continually supply a minimum amount of electricity is very important.